Hello! I’m Claire. Welcome to my site. Here you can learn a little bit more about what I do, and access style templates and options to determine what is right for your project.

I am a dedicated and detail-oriented transcriptionist and proofreader. I have experience with a wide array of audio files, encompassing a variety of fields and accents. I am passionate about the English language, grammar, and research. My turnaround time for one hour of audio is generally one day, this can vary slightly depending on audio quality. I have always been an avid reader and a lover of all things having to do with words, and this year I have decided to pursue that passion and begin my career as a freelancer.

I am a very active communicator and appreciate open correspondence about, and during, projects. I know how much of an affect it can have on a reader to come across errors and bumpy writing, and I delight in being able to notice and note those mistakes. I offer both transcription and proofreading services because I find value in being skilled at both. In order to be a good transcriptionist, one must also be a proficient proofreader to ensure their best finished product!

I am also familiar with HIPPA guidelines, and ensure the safety of your personal information.

Also, check out my blog for posts on the world of  words, transcription,  and all things literary!